Monday, November 13th, 2023


FBI agents seized New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ cellphone and other electronic devices as part of an investigation into whether Adams took money improperly to help get a Turkish consulate built in Manhattan. (More)

Jacob Chansley, the “QAnon shaman” whose horned fur hat became a symbol of the Jan. 6 Capitol incident, filed papers in Arizona to run for Congress as a Libertarian candidate. He was released to a halfway house in March. (More)

Tim Scott dropped out of the 2024 presidential race Sunday night after canceling a trip to Iowa. He said the voters had been clear in telling him: “Not now.”  (More)

 A Los Angeles homeowner who had a terrifying shootout with robbers at his front door is demanding city leaders begin prosecuting dangerous criminals after video of the shootout went viral. (See Video)

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Texas A&M fired football coach Jimbo Fisher, triggering a record $75 million payout for the six-year coach, far more than any other college coach has received for getting fired. Fisher’s record is 6-4 this season. (More)

➤ LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels set college football history Saturday by throwing for 372 yards and running for 234 yards, including an 85-yard touchdown, to beat the Florida Gators 52-35. (See Video)

Michigan beat Penn State 24-15 Saturday despite coach Jim Harbaugh’s absence due to a three-game suspension. The team remained at No. 2 in the AP Top 25 poll, with Georgia still ranked at No. 1. (See AP Poll)

➤ In an embarrassing error, a Washington Huskies linebacker racing for a touchdown flipped the ball away in celebration before crossing the goal line. The Utah team picked it up to regain possession. (See Video)


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➤ Moody’s lowered its outlook on the U.S. credit rating to “negative” from “stable” but didn’t downgrade its triple-A rating. The other two ratings services, Fitch and S&P, both grade the U.S. as AA+, down a level. (More)

The founder of Chipotle is opening Kernel, a new line of meat-free restaurants that will be primarily operated by robots and a three-person human crew serving faux-meat sandwiches and salads. (See Photo)

➤ Disney’s newest superhero sequel, “The Marvels,” had the worst opening weekend of any Disney-made Marvel movie. It took in $47 million in the U.S., more than $100 million less than the first “Captain Marvel” movie opened with. (More

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Science & Technology

➤ An uncrewed Navy “ghost boat” controlled by a remote operator fired live missiles at empty boats in the Middle East as part of a test for using autonomous technology at war. The test hit each target. (See Video)

Scientists filmed a rare echidna in the wild, proving the animal wasn’t extinct as feared. The ancient mammal has been around since the dinosaur era, but none had been seen for decades before these brief recordings. (See Video). 

➤ A new image of Earth drew attention from scientists because it was taken by an “extremely miniaturized” camera about the size of the edge of a coin from inside a “shoebox-sized” satellite. (See Image)

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➤ 75% of wine drinkers experience headaches, facial flush, digestive issues, hives, or congestion. Sulfites and histamines in the wine cause these issues, and you can remove 95% of them with a portable purifier called The Wand.  

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Monday Manifest

President Biden meets with China President Xi Jinping on Wednesday in San Francisco with plenty of issues to discuss but a primary focus on keeping lines of communication open. (More)

➤ A government shutdown looms at the end of this week. House Republicans unveiled a stopgap plan to keep Washington funded for another few months, but it faces tough opposition. (More)

➤ The 2023 National Book Awards will be announced Wednesday at a ceremony in New York City. The finalists in five categories were announced last month. (See Finalists)

Et Cetera

The Beatles topped the UK music charts again with their new song “Now and Then” making them the band with the longest gap between its first and last No. 1 single. It’s been 60 years since “From Me to You” was No. 1. (More)

➤ A group of female lions licked and pawed through an $1,800 designer handbag they stole from a New York City travel agent on a safari in Namibia. “These lions must have good taste,” the woman said. (See Photos)

➤ Australian pro surfer Laura Enever broke the record for the largest wave ever surfed paddle-in by a woman, tackling a crest off Oahu that reached 43.6 feet. (See Her Ride)

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“Every single person that I know has gotten stuck up. It’s not normal.”

Vince Ricci after a shootout with robbers at his home in Los Angeles. 

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