Tuesday, November 14th, 2023


 Secret Service agents opened fire on three people trying to break into an unmarked Secret Service vehicle. The agents were protecting President Biden’s granddaughter Naomi, and no one was injured. (More)

➤ Maryanne Trump Barry, former President Trump’s eldest sister, died at her New York City home Sunday night. She was 86, a former federal judge first appointed by President Reagan. (More)

➤ Nikki Haley plans to launch a massive $10 million ad campaign across Iowa and New Hampshire beginning in December to push past Gov. Ron DeSantis in those key primary states. (More)

 Progressive Rep. Ilhan Omar will face a primary challenge from former Minneapolis City Council member Don Samuels, who announced he would run against Omar again after narrowly losing to her in 2022. (More

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➤ Mississippi State fired its first-year football coach Zach Arnett after the team lost to Texas A&M 51-10 on Saturday. Ironically, Texas A&M also fired its coach, Jimbo Fisher, after his team’s victory. (More)

Five NFL games this Sunday ended on game-winning field goals in the last minutes, the most in one day in NFL history. Ten of 13 games were decided by one score in the 4th quarter. (More)

➤ Injured New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers says he’s targeting a mid-December return from his torn Achilles tendon, in time for the final games of the regular season. (More)

A high school wide receiver made an unbelievable catch for a touchdown in Hudson Valley, NY. Even in slow-motion, it’s hard to see how he made the catch; he looks puzzled about it himself. (See Video)


Trend LineMarket Report   11/13/23

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Monday.Com Ltd

Big Stock Move: Monday.com stock rose 10% on news that the project management software company beat quarterly revenue growth estimates. (More) 

➤ United Auto Workers members at a GM assembly plant in Flint narrowly rejected the company’s proposed contract, signaling that approval won’t be automatic. Several major GM plants haven’t voted yet. (More)

Kmart quickly pulled a Christmas bag off shelves that displayed the words “MERRY HAM-MAS” after a Jewish group warned it looked like support for terrorist group Hamas. The bag was meant to store ham in the refrigerator. (See Photo)

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Science & Technology

How you sit for a blood pressure test can negatively affect results, new research shows. Patients measured while sitting on an examination table, feet dangling, could end up on blood pressure medicine they don’t need. (See Chart

➤ An astrophotographer in Portugal recorded a time-lapse video of the entire full disc of the sun for three hours. The 90-second movie is comprised of 246 high-definition images woven together. (See Video) 

Older honeybees teach younger bees an intricate “waggle dance” that communicates where and how far away food is. Researchers recorded older bees teaching a younger bee the dance. (See Video)

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Travel Tuesday

➤ Airlines have a record 260 million empty seats to fill this quarter, and they’re adding off-peak discounts as low as $29 to fill them. Southwest, JetBlue, Spirit, and Frontier are all dropping their average fares. (More)

➤ Luxury train travel is growing in popularity. A new round-the-world high-end train launches next year, featuring an 80-day itinerary that zig-zags across the planet (not including the hops over the oceans, of course). The cost for the full three-month trip is $113,599. (See Itinerary

➤ For those with a daredevil bent, the most hazardous and picturesque bridges in the world await. Some are made of rope, some tremble high in the sky, and others are just scary to drive across. (See Photos)

Et Cetera

➤ A Pizza Hut in Hong Kong has rolled out a snake-meat pizza inspired by a traditional Chinese snake stew. Customers say the shredded snake meat has a texture that tastes like chicken. (See Photo)

Pringles partnered with The Caviar Co. to create the “Crisps and Caviar Collection,” pairing flavors of Pringles chips with 1 oz. containers of caviar. The packages sell for $49 up to $140, depending on the caviar. (See Photos) 

The Nature Conservancy announced the winners of its 2023 photo contest, a selection of stunning photos of the natural world. (See Photos

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“We will not hesitate to take further necessary measures to protect our people.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on U.S. strikes against Iranian militants in Syria.

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