Monday, November 27th, 2023


➤ Rep. George Santos said he expects to be expelled from Congress during a live-streamed speech Friday. A House ethics report found substantial evidence of financial fraud by Santos. (More)

Rep. Dean Phillips, the Democrat challenging President Biden in the primary race, said he wouldn’t run for re-election to Congress in order to focus on his presidential run. (More)

 Abigail Idan, the four-year-old Israeli-American child held hostage by Hamas, was released Sunday along with 16 other hostages. Idan’s parents were killed by Hamas terrorists in the Oct. 7 attack. (More)

A Louisiana local election for parish sheriff that saw 43,000 voters go to the polls was decided by exactly one vote. The losing candidate demanded a recount. (More)

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3 Days Left to Invest in the Company That Won Over the Sharks

Venture capitalists know how difficult it is to spot promising early investment opportunities.

Even the all-knowing Sharks from Shark Tank declined the offer to buy 10% of Ring for $700,000 – a decision they would regret when Amazon acquired Ring, turning the $700,000 into $10M!

What made Ring blow up and change doorbells forever? Retail distribution.

You’ve heard us talk about RYSE and their deal to launch in +100 Best Buys. But did you know that they pitched on Canada’s Shark Tank and received two offers?

Exits in the smart home industry have shown to yield massive returns for early investors (look at Ring and Nest’s billion dollar acquisitions) and the Sharks think they’ve spotted a winner in RYSE.

3 days left to invest alongside the sharks – learn more here.


The Michigan Wolverines won their third straight victory over rival Ohio State in a 30-24 win that Ohio State’s coach called “devastating.” The latest AP football poll shows the Buckeyes dropping four spots to No. 6. (See AP Poll)

➤ Alabama beat Auburn in the final seconds with a miracle touchdown after being down four points. The Crimson Tide scored on 4th and goal from the 31-yard-line with just 30 seconds left. (See Video)

College football’s conference championship schedule is now set. Highlights include the SEC championship game next Saturday between No. 1 Georgia and No. 8 Alabama. (See Full Schedule)

➤ Max Verstappen capped the most dominant season by any driver in F1 history by winning his 19th victory of the year at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Verstappen now ranks third on the all-time winners list. (More)


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Sam Altman returned as CEO of OpenAI after being fired by his board. The board has now been replaced after virtually the entire company threatened to quit if Altman wasn’t brought back. (More)

Elon Musk’s long-awaited Tesla cybertruck will finally make its public debut this week, with first deliveries slated for Nov. 30. The electric truck has been in the works for four years. (See Photos)

Krispy Kreme has released three “Elf”-themed custom doughnuts to celebrate the holiday movie’s 20th anniversary. The “Buddy Makes Breakfast” doughnut is topped with spaghetti buttercream, sprinkles, and maple drizzle. (See Doughnuts)

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It’s no secret that being an early adopter leads to great opportunities.

The problem? Early stage investments are usually only available to a select, wealthy few.

But what if you had the chance to invest in an innovative product as it hit the retail shelves?

Introducing RYSE.

They’ve patented the only mass-market shade automation device, and they’ve landed an exclusive deal with Best Buy that will see it rolled out in 100+ stores. A similar deal to those that led Ring and Nest to billion-dollar buyouts.

The opportunity to invest closes this week – don’t miss it.

Science & Technology

➤ The world’s largest iceberg, stuck for three decades in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea, has finally freed itself and is on the loose again. At nearly 1,500 square miles, iceberg A23 is roughly three times the size of New York City. (See Video)

A brilliant new image taken by the James Webb Telescope shows 500,000 stars shining in Sagittarius C, a chaotic region near the center of the Milky Way. (See Photo)

➤ The Geminids meteor shower is underway, continuing until Dec. 24. The shower is often the strongest of the year and is visible across the globe. (How to Watch)

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The wine industry’s best kept secret: You’ll find it 10,000 ft above sea level in the Andes Mountain, where some of the rarest and finest Argentine malbec wines are made. It’s so rare that most won’t make it to the US. Bonner Private Wine Partnership has made it their mission to import unique, small-batch wines that other importers overlook. Discover some of the rarest wines →

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Monday Manifest

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, an annual tradition begun in 2010 to encourage people to help others as the holidays begin. (How It Works)

➤ Football fans have three nights of games this week: the Bears play the Vikings Monday night, Seattle faces the Cowboys on Thursday, and the Pac 12 championship game pits No. 5 Oregon against No. 3 Washington on Friday night. (MNF Breakdown)

Congress returns from holiday recess Tuesday facing a high-priority to-do list that includes intertwined decisions on aid for Israel, aid for Ukraine, and U.S. border control. (More)

Et Cetera

A kangaroo apparently playing air guitar is the grand prize winner of The 2023 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Prizes were awarded in six categories for funniest animal pictures. (See Winners)

A massive waterspout reaching up from the sea toward the sky was spotted off Italy’s Amalfi Coast and videotaped by an onlooker. (See Video)

➤ A gambler at the Las Vegas airport won nearly $348,000 off a $2.50 spin on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine. (More)

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“I know I’m going to get expelled. . . I’ve done the math over and over, and it doesn’t look really good.”

Rep. George Santos, in a defiant live-streamed speech aimed at Congress.

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