Monday, October 23rd, 2023


➤ A House committee released bank records showing a $200,000 personal check, labeled a loan, paid to Joe Biden in 2018 from his brother James. The payment came the day after Americore Health wired a $200,000 payment into James Biden’s account. (More)

The Senate Sergeant at Arms warned lawmakers to take precautions when out in Washington D.C. because of increased crime, especially carjacking, in the nation’s capital. The warning came the day after a Senate staffer was robbed at gunpoint. (More)

A federal judge temporarily lifted a partial gag order on Donald Trump after his lawyers asked for time while they appealed. The decision came the same day a New York state judge fined Trump $5,000 for violating a different gag order. (More)

Israel’s intelligence agencies have reportedly formed a special unit to hunt down and kill all members of the Hamas unit that led the terror attacks in southern Israel on Oct. 7. (More)

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➤ Michigan State University apologized for a Saturday pre-game quiz on its scoreboard that displayed Hitler’s image. The school said the quiz came from a third-party vendor and labeled it “inappropriate content.” (See Image)

➤ Georgia remained No. 1 in the AP College Football Poll, extending its run to 19 straight weeks, while Alabama fought its way back into the top 10. Both Texas and Oregon moved up one slot. (See Poll)

➤ Baseball playoff ratings grew for the League Championship Series after declining for the earlier playoff rounds. TV ratings for the first two games of the LCS averaged 5.2 million viewers, keeping pace with last year. (More)


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Wall Street lost more ground Friday to close out its worst week in a month. Rising bond yields are weighing on stocks, as are rising oil prices. Gold climbed to $1,994 an ounce. (More) 

➤ Amazon says it will begin firing workers who refuse to return to the office at least three days a week. The company instructed its managers on the process for terminating workers who insist on working remotely. (More) 

➤ Paddy Cosgrave has stepped down as CEO of Web Summit, a conference business he cofounded, after an outcry over his comments on Israel. “War crimes are war crimes even when committed by allies,” he had said. (More)

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Science & Technology

➤ Space tourism company Space Perspective unveiled a new addition to its trips to the stratosphere: a “Space Spa” restroom with “sound and odor control.” Tickets to ride in the company’s 8-seat capsule go for $125,000 a seat. (See Images)

➤ An 8 billion-year-old blast of radio waves caused by colliding galaxies could help scientists “weigh” the universe and solve the mystery of the universe’s missing matter. (See Illustration)

➤ Swedish researchers developed a tiny device that can be implanted into an eye to deliver cell-based treatments for diabetes and other diseases. It essentially implants micro-organs in the eye without the need for stitches. (More)

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75% of wine drinkers experience headaches, facial flush, digestive issues, hives, or congestion. Sulfites and histamines in the wine cause these issues, and you can remove 95% of them with a portable purifier called The Wand.  

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Monday Manifest

It’s a big week for earnings reports. Investors will be watching the auto sector, as GM and Ford report on 3rd-quarter results, and the tech sector for reports from Meta (Facebook), Alphabet (Google), and Microsoft. (More)

Baseball’s World Series begins this Friday. The Houston Astros are tied 3-3 in the LCS with the Texas Rangers, and the winner of that series will face either the Philadelphia Phillies or the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Phillies currently lead that series 3-2. (More)

The Orionid meteor shower will be on display in the pre-dawn hours through Thursday. Rural locations are best for viewing. (How To View)

Et Cetera

Jon Stewart and Apple TV+ are ending “The Problem with Jon Stewart” series over disagreements about the comedian’s coverage of topics sensitive to Apple, including China and artificial intelligence. (More)

Home design can be surprisingly creative, from a narrow house just five feet wide to a yellow submarine house to a genuine Shoe House. Here’s a guide to some of the world’s most unusual homes. (See Photos)

➤ A tree-loving photographer says his pictures focus on unusual trees that are so expressive he imagines them having personalities and histories. In an essay, he offers a sampling of his favorite trees. (See Photos)

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What’s your favorite national fried chicken chain?

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  4. Raising Cane’s
  5. Wingstop
  6. Zaxby’s

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Will the House have a new Speaker by Nov. 1?

  1. Yes: 45%
  2. No: 55%

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“In many ways, the world is more endangered today than it has been in my lifetime.”

— Senator Mitch McConnell, speaking of the new “Axis of Evil” of Iran, China, and Russia

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