Monday, October 9th, 2023


➤ Republican Matt Gaetz said yesterday that he continues to stand behind his spearheading of McCarthy’s ouster. The Florida Republican noted that if he loses his seat in the process, it would be worth it. (More

Committee leaders in the House and Senate sent a joint memo to President Biden urging him to outline a specific strategy for U.S. involvement in the Ukrainian/Russian war. (Read It)

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) was in Jerusalem as the Hamas attack began. He and his staff were unharmed and departed Israel yesterday. (More)

Former President Trump said that the attack on Israel—and Ukraine—would not have occurred if he was still in the Oval Office. (More)

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➤ Tiger Woods’ new golf league, TGL, has announced the acquisition of 16 big-name players for its inaugural season. The league also inked a major broadcast deal with ESPN. (More

LA Dodger Clayton Kershaw was yanked from the mound after allowing six runs in the first inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Kershaw felt that he let his teammates down with his poor pitching performance. (More

➤ Young soccer star Gabriel Martinelli clinched a 1-0 win for Arsenal during a highly anticipated match against Manchester City yesterday. The 22-year-old Brazilian went from benched to brilliant in the Premier League clash. (More) 


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➤ America’s gross national debt has hit $33 trillion for the first time. Now, the country is paying more in interest on its debts than its spending on national defense. (More

➤ Economists with Bank of America are calling off claims of a housing crisis to match that of 2008. A lack of both overdevelopment and over-leveraged home loans paints a more optimistic picture. (More

➤ Oil experts predict markets will mostly remain steady following Saturday’s attacks in Israel. However, some sectors may experience knee-jerk movement early this morning. (More)

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Science & Technology

OpenAI is looking for a faster way to secure more processing power by potentially making its own chips. The Chat GPT creator could potentially acquire a company for the sole purpose of providing high-powered processors. (More

Space imaging company SatVu has revealed the first thermal images from a satellite launched back in June. The data from the pictures could help shape energy decision-making and environmental planning. (More

➤ A group of artists is launching a campaign to persuade Congress to stop corporations from obtaining copyrights on AI-generated art and music. (More)

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This dentist’s breakthrough could stop you from snoring on the first night. (More)   

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Feel Good Friday

 Tomorrow, House Republicans will hold a candidate forum as they look to move ahead after the ousting of Kevin McCarthy. The GOP conference will then hold an internal election on Wednesday morning. (More

Amazon will hold its Prime Big Deal Days on Tuesday and Wednesday, promising deep discounts across key holiday shopping categories. This is the second Prime Day-level event of the year. (More) 

➤ An annular solar eclipse will be visible for a good portion of the Southwest this Thursday. This “ring of fire” eclipse will serve as a fitting run-up to Friday the 13th. (More

Et Cetera

 Electronic Doorbell Company, Ring is offering a $1 million prize for scientific evidence of extra-terrestrial activity. Starting November 8th, participants can submit to the seven-figure contest. (More

A 24-year-old Australian was rescued by a cruise ship after his boat capsized. The man set out to be the youngest person to cross the Pacific in a handmade boat. (More

➤ Suspects in a retail heist stole thousands of dollars worth of shoes—but they didn’t realize the boxes they took contained only left shoes. (More)  

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Quote What happened today has never before been seen in Israel, and I will make sure it does not happen again.” 

Benjamin Netanyahu,  Prime Minister of Israel

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