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 Twenty-six House Democrats sent a letter to the White House Friday, expressing concern about President Biden’s decision to withhold aid from Israel. They said it would embolden Hamas. (More 

The Biden administration announced a new $400 million package of military aid for Ukraine Friday—the third aid package for Ukraine since Congress passed supplemental funding in April. (More)  

 Former President Trump’s so-called hush money criminal trial wrapped up for the week Friday with Judge Juan Merchan denying a request for a gag order on Michael Cohen ahead of his testimony on Monday. (See Update

A new poll conducted by YouGov found that 50 percent of Americans oppose the recent anti-Israel protests on college campuses, with nearly 40% calling for protesters to be forcibly removed or fined. (Full Poll Results)   

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FDA Notice – Eye Drops Recalled Over Contamination That Could ‘Result in Blindness’

Just last month the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a notice that more eye drops are being recalled worldwide due to possible bacterial contamination.

People in a dozen states (including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and Washington) have been infected – leading to “permanent vision loss” and even possible bloodstream infections.

Friend, STOP using eye drops, artificial tears, and unnatural “solutions” for your dry eyes… the risks are not worth the short-term relief!

Instead, add THIS strange red supernutrient to your diet every day scientifically proven to:

  • Significantly reduce the specific proteins that cause mild to moderate DED
  • Improve blood flow to the eye by 15.3%
  • Help reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration
  • Provide long-term benefits for several chronic ocular conditions
  • Help control inflammation related to dry eyes

➤ Bears coach Matt Eberflus named rookie Caleb Williams as Chicago’s starting quarterback, saying there was no question the former Heisman Trophy winner had the job. (More

➤ Caitlin Clark’s preseason home-court debut with the Indiana Fever attracted more than 13,000 fans, significantly more than the 4,000 per game Indiana averaged last season. (More)  

The Philadelphia Union signed 14-year-old Cavan Sullivan to the largest homegrown contract in MLS history, agreeing to transfer the teen to the EPL’s Manchester City after he turns 18. (More 

The NBA fined Indiana Pacers coach Rick Carlisle $35,000 Friday for criticizing the officiating in his team’s playoff series with the New York Knicks. (More)

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Could the very thing you’re taking for RELIEF from eye irritation…

Be making you suffer more?!

If you endure itchy, red eyes… blurry, strained vision… light sensitivity… or headaches caused by eye fatigue on a daily basis…

Relief is your top priority.

This is why many seniors turn to artificial tears (eye drops) for quick, temporary relief.

But here are the 2 BIG PROBLEMS with this common dry eye solution:

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Ladies and Gentlemen: our most-clicked stories of the week. Enjoy!

#1: Livability analyzed the economy, housing, cost of living, and amenities in thousands of U.S. cities to determine its list of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in the U.S. (See List)  

#2: U.S. News & World Report named Utah as the best state in the country for the second year in a row, edging out New Hampshire, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Idaho for the top spot. (See List) 

#3: Deep space images captured by a dark energy camera resembled a ghost-like hand reaching out from the Milky Way—a picture scientists nicknamed “God’s Hand.” (See Images 

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➤ The 148th Westminster Dog Show, the second-longest continuously held sporting event in the U.S., begins its four-day run in Queens, New York, today, featuring more than 2,500 dogs from 213 breeds. (More)  

➤ PBS announced it will produce “The Joy of Painting with Nicholas Hankins: Bob Ross’ Unfinished Season,” a limited series to complete the season Ross worked on before he died in 1995. (More)

➤ A Michigan woman lived inside the business sign of a grocery store for a year, with enough space for a computer, printer, and coffee maker, police said. (More)

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What is the best workplace comedy TV series?

  1. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  2. The Office
  3. Frasier
  4. Cheers
  5. Night Court
  6. Barney Miller
  7. Taxi
  8. Other

Friday’s Results:

Have Boeing’s recent troubles made you more cautious about air travel?

  1. Yes: 52.5%
  2. No: 47.5%

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“The guys did get stung on a regular basis. Everyone got stung at least a couple of times.” 

—  Fire Chief Travis Leary on attempting to save 15 million honeybees that escaped from an overturned tractor-trailer. 

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