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Sen. Dick Durbin has called on Justice Samuel Alito to recuse himself from cases related to the 2020 election and Jan. 6, 2021, after allegations that Alito flew an upside-down American flag at his home, a symbol of the so-called “Stop the Steal” movement. (More)  

A federal judge sentenced the man convicted of a 2022 assault and attempted kidnapping of Paul Pelosi, husband of former House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi, to 30 years in prison Friday. (More)

 Attorneys for Hunter Biden have asked a California judge to delay his tax trial from June to September or later, saying Biden’s counsel will be in Delaware for his gun case until at least June 14. (More)

Israeli forces announced the recovery of three bodies in Rafah Friday believed to be individuals killed by Hamas in the Oct. 7 attack. (More

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The 149th Preakness Stakes is today at the Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore. Kentucky Derby winner Mystik Dan became the favorite when Muth scratched due to illness. (See Odds

➤ Kenyan 10,000-meter runner Rodgers Kwemoi was given a six-year ban from competition and stripped of seven years of results Friday for allegations he engaged in blood doping 18 times. (More

A Little League pitcher in Massachusetts threw a perfect game Wednesday night, striking out 16 of the 18 hitters he faced in a 1-0 victory. (More

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Ladies and Gentlemen: our most-clicked stories of the week. Enjoy!

#1: A four-year study of U.S. traffic crashes revealed a list of the top 25 most dangerous highways. Florida made the top 10 four times. (See Full List Here)  

#2: A motivation expert developed the theory of “Let Them,” a simple two-word philosophy to help individuals free themselves from taking things too personally. (More) 

#3: Wisconsin police surprised reckless drivers by placing an officer in a roadside chair with a radar gun to clock speeders, catching at least 14 alleged speeders in one shift. (More

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➤ X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, finally changed its domain name to Friday, completing a branding overhaul by owner Elon Musk. (More

Scientists discovered a buried branch of the Nile River that once flowed alongside the pyramids in Egypt, potentially solving the mystery of how ancient Egyptians built the iconic structures. (More

The second annual Gathering of Kyles will attempt to break the record for the largest gathering of people with the same name today in Kyle, Texas. The record was set in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017 by 2,325 people named Ivan. (More) 

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“He was so good at what he did it’s hard to imagine movies and television of the last 40 years without him.”

—  Ben Stiller on the passing of Hollywood legend Dabney Coleman 

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