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Vice President Kamala Harris agreed on Thursday to participate in a vice-presidential debate hosted on either July 23 or Aug. 13 by CBS News. The Trump campaign hasn’t named its vice-presidential candidate yet. (More)  

➤ Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a pardon Thursday for Daniel Perry, convicted of killing a Black Lives Matter protestor in Austin in July 2020. The state parole board unanimously recommended he be pardoned. (See Details)  

Lawyers for Donald Trump filed an appeal with New York’s highest court Wednesday to lift an existing gag order preventing the former President from commenting on those involved in his so-called hush money case. (More)  

 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation Wednesday to reduce statewide climate change initiatives and ban power-generating wind turbines offshore or near the state’s coastline. (More

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Caitlin Clark’s professional basketball debut with the Indiana Fever Tuesday night drew an estimated 2.1 million viewers, the highest number ever for a WNBA game on ESPN. (More

Houston Astros pitcher Ronel Blanco received a 10-game suspension Wednesday for using a foreign “sticky” substance during his appearance against the Oakland Athletics Tuesday night. (More

➤ The New York Giants 2024 throwback uniforms will highlight the football club’s 100-year history with pants and socks modeled after the 1925 kit, jerseys from 1933, and winged helmets originally worn in 1937. (See Image)  

➤ A wayward raccoon ran onto a soccer field and stopped play of an MLS game between Philadelphia and New York City for nearly two minutes Wednesday, eluding multiple attempts at capture. (See Video) 

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Trend LineMarket Report   05/16/2024

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S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
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Lightspeed Commerce Inc.

➤ Big Stock Move: Lightspeed Commerce shares rose 18% Thursday after the payments technology firm reappointed founder Dax Dasilva as CEO and reported a 25% increase in sales. (More)

Walmart stock hit an all-time high Thursday after the giant retailer beat quarterly earnings and revenue estimates by winning more high-income shoppers and growing its e-commerce business. (More)

Under Armour announced plans to overhaul its business after falling short in sales for the year, blaming weak consumer spending and lessening demand. (See Details)

The average American has a credit card balance of $6,218, up 8.5% year over year, according to credit rating firm TransUnion. Total consumer credit card debt stands at $1.12 trillion. (More)

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Science & Technology

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured stunning footage of the recent solar activity that triggered last week’s vibrant displays of Northern Lights worldwide. (See Video

➤ Three of the oldest stars in the universe, estimated to be at least 12 billion years old, were discovered in the Milky Way by scientists using the James Webb Space Telescope. (See Images)

 Researchers have developed a method to revive 19th-century photographs, tarnished beyond recognition, using X-rays to bring out faces that had faded away on the photographs. (See Images) 

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Feel Good Friday

An 8th grader in Wisconsin is being hailed as a hero after grabbing the steering wheel of a bus as it veered into traffic after the driver lost consciousness. (See Photo)

➤ A Missouri man donated $500,000 to his rural volunteer fire department in Calhoun, Mo., to buy three new firetrucks and new gear for all the firefighters. The department was down to $169 in its bank account. (See Video)

 A 9-year-old with heart disease was allowed to drive a Chicago subway train from his neighborhood to the city’s downtown Loop to fulfill his dream, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. (See Video)

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Et Cetera

 An Indiana judge ruled that burritos and tacos can be legally considered “sandwiches,” a controversial decision that allowed a Mexican restaurant to open in a mall that only allowed sandwich shops. (See Details)

A futuristic portal linking Dublin and New York City was closed this week due to “inappropriate behavior” by exhibitionist Dubliners. The portal allowed people in the two cities to livestream in real-time with each other. (See Photos)

A TSA screening dog about to retire was showered with cheers, tennis balls, and dog toys at a surprise party on his last day of work at Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport. (See Video)

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“This has all the signs of a cyclical bull market, and it’s not running out of steam as far as we can tell.” 

—  Baird analyst Ross Mayfield on the strength of the ongoing stock rally.

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