Thursday, April 25, 2024


 Three Republicans joined Arizona House Democrats to pass legislation repealing the state’s 1864 near-total abortion ban Wednesday. The effort needed two Republicans to cross party lines. (More)  

➤ GOP infighting in Congress intensified after Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales called Reps. Matt Gaetz and Bob Good “scumbags” on CNN. Some House conservatives are now supporting Gonzales’ primary opponent. (More)  

Texas state troopers in riot gear moved forcefully to break up a pro-Palestinian demonstration on the University of Texas at Austin campus Wednesday as student protests spread across the country. (See Video)

➤ President Biden followed his Tuesday gaffe with another one Wednesday. During a speech in Washington, D.C., Biden proclaimed, “Four more years, pause!reading the instruction “pause” on a teleprompter. 

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➤ The Heisman Trust reinstated former USC tailback Reggie Bush as the 2005 Heisman Trophy winner Wednesday, citing the NCAA’s new position on player benefits. (More)  

➤ The 2024 NFL Draft begins tonight in Detroit, and experts have compiled a list of the biggest needs for all 32 clubs heading into the first round. (See List) 

➤ NASCAR driver Erik Jones suffered a compression fracture in his lower back during last week’s GEICO 500 and will not compete in Sunday’s race. Reserve driver Corey Heim will drive the No. 43 instead. (See Crash)  

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Trend LineMarket Report   04/24/2024

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Per Ounce
New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc.

➤ Big Stock Move: New Oriental Education dropped 14% Wednesday after the company fell short of Wall Street’s earnings expectations for the third quarter. (More)

➤ Shares of Tesla jumped more than 10% Wednesday after CEO Elon Musk announced the EV maker will begin producing new affordable models by early 2025. (More)  

➤ Boeing reported first-quarter losses of $355 million Wednesday as the aircraft manufacturer battles highly publicized production and safety issues. (More)  

➤ Oracle founder Larry Ellison announced Tuesday the software giant’s corporate headquarters will relocate to Nashville, Tennessee, where it’s targeting growth in the healthcare industry. (More

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Science & Technology

➤ Student scientists have developed a three-legged robot named SpaceHopper to combat the challenges of exploring low-gravity environments, such as those found on asteroids or moons. (See Photo)  

Photographers from around the world captured stunning images of Tuesday’s full pink moon, so-named for the color of spring flowers that bloom this time of the year. (See Photos

While the moon was pink Tuesday, the sun put on a show of its own by blasting out not one, not two, but four solar flares in near-perfect harmony. (See Video

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Voters with high interest in the upcoming election have dropped to their lowest level in nearly 20 years, according to a new NBC News poll. It’s at 64%, compared to 74% in 2008. (See Poll)

The highest regular cannabis use is found among lower-income, less-educated adults, a new Gallup Poll shows. Only 9% of adults report “regular” use, compared to 16% of adults making less than $24,000 a year. (See Results)

A majority of U.S. Catholics have a favorable view of Pope Francis, but overall approval among that group is down to 75% from his peak high of 90% in 2015, according to Pew Research. (See Survey)

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Et Cetera

Five British cavalry horses, including one covered in blood, rampaged through the streets of London after being spooked by loud construction noise.  Four onlookers were injured. (See Video

Ohio teenager Jaylynn Parker hooked a monstrous 101.11-pound blue catfish, a potential Ohio state record, using jug lines in a creek. “He was bigger than we ever imagined,” she said. (See Photos

➤ Kristi Yamaguchi, the first Asian American to win an individual figure skating gold medal, has been immortalized as a doll for Barbie’s “Inspiring Women Series,” Mattel announced Wednesday. (See Photo)  

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What should be the top priority of U.S. foreign policy?

  1. Protect U.S. from terrorists
  2. Reduce illegal drug flow
  3. Maintain U.S. military advantage
  4. Limit power of China
  5. Support Ukraine
  6. Get nations to share defense costs
  7. Deal with global climate change
  8. Other 

Wednesday’s Results:

Have you ever had a professional family portrait made?

  1. Yes: 64.6%
  2. No: 36.4%

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“Students joining in hate-filled, antisemitic protests at any public college or university in Texas should be expelled.” 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on a pro-Palestinian demonstration at the University of Texas at Austin.

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