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The Federal Trade Commission banned businesses from requiring employees to sign noncompete agreements, allowing up to 30 million employees to work for competitors or start a competing business upon leaving a job. (More)

Donald Trump’s lawyers fought back against efforts to charge him with criminal contempt for violating a gag order, arguing he was defending himself against others’ attacks. The judge appeared frustrated but said he would decide later. (More)

Meanwhile, newly unsealed records in former President Trump’s classified documents case suggest Trump may have brushed off warnings to return federal documents and promised pardons for those who helped him. (More)

➤ A Moscow court denied Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich’s appeal to end his pretrial detention Tuesday, keeping him in jail on espionage charges until at least late June. (More

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Hi, I’m medical scientist Clint Winters!

If you are using Ozempic, know someone who does or is considering… you need to read this to the very bottom.

This is GREED in the purest form 

Ozempic is taking the world by storm for its ability to lower blood sugar and help with weight loss.

But, it’s expensive and comes with terrible side effects.

Which leads me to this BOMBSHELL

This all comes after a whistleblower testimony

During Ozempic testing it was discovered that a natural alternative had the SAME powerful effects without side effects.

… And it could be produced at 1/10th the cost.

This was research that was SUPPOSED to be reported to the general public.

But, it wasn’t…

It was buried, much like the addiction rate during the opioid epidemic.

Why? Simply to protect billions in profit.

… And that is why I am writing you today

>>> Here is an UNCENSORED report about a natural alklaid that has “drug like” blood sugar & fat loss success without side effects.


The Philadelphia 76ers, frustrated with the quality of officiating during their first two playoff losses to the Knicks, plan to file a grievance with the NBA. (More) 

St. Louis Cardinals infielder Nolan Gorman snapped an 0-for-19 slump with a two-run 425-foot walk-off home run Monday night, giving the Cards a 5-3 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks. (See Video) 

Denver guard Jamal Murray stunned the Los Angeles Lakers Monday with a 15-foot jumper over an outstretched Anthony Davis at the buzzer, giving the Nuggets a 101-99 playoff win over the Lakers. (See Video)

The Carolina Hurricanes scored two third-period goals within nine seconds to rally past the New York Islanders and win Game 2 of their playoff series 5-3. (See Video

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Trend LineMarket Report   04/23/2024

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Per Ounce
HashiCorp, Inc.

➤ Big Stock Move: Hashicorp stock rose 19% Tuesday on reports that IBM was nearing a deal to acquire the cloud software company. (More)

Apple’s iPhone sales in China dropped 19% in the first quarter, giving the tech giant its worst sales performance since 2020. (More) 

General Motors overcame a slight dip in U.S. vehicle sales and posted a first-quarter net income increase of more than 25% due to strong deliveries of pickup trucks and other high-margin models. (More) 

PepsiCo bested early estimates and reported a 2% increase in revenue for the first quarter on strong international demand for its snacks and beverages. (More

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Liponine was even tested against Metformin AND WON.

THIS is the exact information Pharma NEVER wanted you to read.

I would read with a note pad or take screenshots so you can reference later if this gets pulled offline (it likely will)

>>> This is the blood sugar information Pharma does NOT want you to know

… And it could literally change your life.

Clint Winters, Medical Scientist

P.S. I would ensure you read this today. Research reports like this one are being censored all across the internet.

You need to get IN THE KNOW today! 

Science & Technology

Voyager 1, the most distant human-made object in the universe, has begun sending back coherent science data again after scientists transmitted a fix to the craft across 15 billion miles of space. (See Image)

 Astronomers say an extra mini-moon may be orbiting Earth in the form of a fast-moving asteroid flung into space as a chunk of rubble when a giant rock strike created the Giordano Bruno crater. (See Photo)

➤ A marine biologist found she could help a wild octopus hunt for food by pointing to where crabs were hiding, and soon, she and the octopus were hunting as partners. (See Video)

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➤ Paingone Plus is the pocket-sized pain relief pen that delivers targeted relief for your acute or chronic pain in less than 1 minute.  It’s natural, fast-acting, and works almost anywhere on the body! (See It Here

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Wisdom Wednesday

It’s often hard for adults to meet and make new friends. One psychologist offers seven conversational phrases to help nurture new friendships. (See Phrases)

➤ One of the most difficult parts of life is dealing with loss. There are no easy answers, but here are 13 wise quotes that wrestle with this wrenching issue. (See Quotes)

➤ Most of us are natural-born procrastinators. To overcome this, one motivational speaker offers an easy three-step countdown trick for getting things done. (See Tip)

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➤ The FlipFork makes grilling easier and more convenient than ever before. With the combination of a fork, flipper, knife, bottle opener, and more, FlipFork is useful and effective. (See It Here)

Et Cetera

 Actor Kevin Bacon celebrated the 40th anniversary of “Footloose” with a little bit of dancing and a lot of gratitude at the Utah high school where he filmed the hit movie. (See Video

Two yearling mountain lions trapped in the spillway of a Colorado reservoir were saved from drowning after a dam worker spotted them. (See Rescue) 

Bottles of cherries discovered in the basement of George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon are believed to have been picked and bottled in the 1770s and stored for the future, archaeologists say. (See Photos)  

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“The least you can expect when you have to go through the security line at the airport is that you don’t suffer the indignity of somebody pushing you out of the way to let the rich person pass you.”

California Rep. Josh Newman on a bill to ban the for-profit Clear security system from state airports. 

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