Thursday, June 6, 2024


North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and Senators Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, and JD Vance are the front-runners to be Donald Trump’s running mate and have recently received vetting materials, according to a new report. (More

➤ House Republicans issued criminal referrals on Hunter and James Biden to the Justice Department on Wednesday, recommending their prosecution for undermining the House’s impeachment investigation. (More)  

Donald Trump’s lawyers asked Judge Juan Merchan to lift his gag order to allow him to comment on the New York trial, arguing that it violated his First Amendment rights now that the trial was over. (More)   The late New Jersey Representative Donald Payne Jr., who passed away in April, won the primary for the Garden State’s 10th Congressional District on Tuesday. His death occurred after the filing deadline for the primary had already passed. (More

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➤ Muhammad Ali’s childhood home, a pink house in Louisville, Kentucky, is for sale along with two neighboring properties for $1.5 million. The two-bedroom, one-bathroom home was converted into a museum. (See Video)  

Mirra Andreeva, an unseeded 17-year-old from Russia, defeated No. 2 seed Aryna Sabalenka at the French Open on Wednesday to become the youngest Grand Slam semifinalist since Martina Hingis. (More) 

➤ Former NBA forward Chase Budinger earned a spot on the U.S. Olympic beach volleyball team seven years after leaving basketball for professional beach volleyball. (More) 

➤ Sixteen-year-old Lily Yohannes became the third-youngest goal scorer in USWNT history on Tuesday night and helped the U.S. beat South Korea 3-0. (See Video) 

➤ Yesterday’s results: MLB | NBA | WNBA | NHL | PGA 


Trend Line Daily Market Report   06/05/2024

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Per Ounce
Verint Systems, Inc.

Big Stock Move: Verint Systems stock surged 23% Wednesday after the customer-experience software company delivered better-than-expected 1st quarter results. (More

➤ Paramount plans to cut $500 million from its budget to reduce Paramount’s debt and restore the company’s credit rating to investment grade. (More) 

 The European Central Bank is set to cut borrowing costs, marking the end of the record rate-hiking cycle that began when inflation soared after the Covid-19 pandemic. (See Details)

Rubio’s, a popular Mexican fast-food chain, closed 48 stores in California, citing the rising cost of doing business in the state. The move comes two months after the state’s $20/hour minimum wage law came into effect. (Details) 

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Science & Technology

➤ Boeing’s new Starliner spacecraft, with its first crew on board, launched successfully Wednesday and is expected to reach the International Space Station today. (Watch Video

➤ A bright yellow, four-inch venomous spider, native to East Asia, is expected to spread into the Northeast U.S. in large numbers, scientists say. (See Photos

The Hubble Telescope, now 34 years old and having lost five gyroscopes, is operating on its last one, NASA announced Tuesday. Scientists are trying to extend the instrument’s operational lifetime for another decade. (See Details) 

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Nearly half of Americans say they’re unlikely to purchase an electric vehicle as their next car, according to an AP/NORC poll. Under 10% currently own or lease an EV. (See Poll)

A new study shows that 70% of U.S. adults are more likely to drive rather than fly when they travel, and 67% say they had a trip hurt or ruined by a bad airline experience. (See Survey)

Only 4% of young Americans use generative artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, on a near-daily basis, according to a new report on people aged 14-22. About half say they’ve used AI at least once. (See Report)

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Et Cetera

The British cavalry horses who ran bloodied through the streets of London in April have made significant progress in their recovery and are expected to return to work, officials said on Tuesday. (See Video)  

 Tuesday’s winning $560 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot ticket sold in Illinois marked the first time a jackpot-winning ticket was purchased online. (More)  

Krispy Kreme will celebrate National Doughnut Day Friday by giving customers free doughnuts and offering a dozen Original Glazed for just $2 with the purchase of any dozen doughnuts. (More)  

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  5. Playing hide-and-seek: 9.4%
  6. Building tree houses: 6.5%

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“I used to meet with him when he was vice president. I’d go to his house. He’s not the same person.” 

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on President Biden’s cognitive state.

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