Thursday, October 26th, 2023


➤ Donald Trump briefly took the stand in his New York civil fraud trial over comments he made about the judge’s clerk. The judge then fined him an additional $10,000 on top of the $5,000 fine he issued Trump days ago. (More)

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, a member of the Democrats’ progressive “Squad,” was criminally charged for pulling a fire alarm in the House when Democrats wanted to stall. Bowman will be arraigned this morning. (More

 President Biden’s name won’t appear on the 2024 New Hampshire primary ballot, his campaign said. The Democrats have set South Carolina for the first primary and labeled New Hampshire’s earlier date as unauthorized. (More

GOP presidential candidate Tim Scott is shifting nearly all his dwindling resources to focus on Iowa, where a primary win could revitalize his campaign. Scott is currently polling at about 2% nationally. (More

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➤ The NBA champion Denver Nuggets picked up where they left off, opening their NBA season by beating the L.A. Lakers 119-107. Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokic scored 29 points with 13 rebounds and 11 assists. (More

This year’s World Series matchup is an amazing long shot. The odds that the Texas Rangers would face the Arizona Diamondbacks were 1,750 to 1 when the season began. Both teams finished in last place just two seasons ago. (More

Philadelphia sports fans, legendary for their ferocity, make their feelings clear in this hilarious example of interviews done right after the Phillies’ loss to the Diamondbacks Tuesday night. (See Video. WARNING: Explicit language, ineptly bleeped.) 


Trend LineMarket Report   10/25/23

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S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Stride Inc

➤ Big Stock Move: Stride Inc. saw its stock jump 18% Wednesday after the tech-based education company reported record-high first-quarter earnings and enrollment. (More

Boeing reported a $1.6 billion loss for the third quarter due to fewer deliveries of its troubled 737 Max airliner and the cost of building two new Air Force One presidential jets. (More

➤ FTX founder Sam Bankman Fried will testify today at his fraud trial, where he’s accused of stealing $8 billion of customer funds. Lawyers describe it as a “Hail Mary” pass for the beleaguered defense team. (More)

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Science & Technology

➤ The Marines are testing a “robotic goat” to fire rocket-propelled grenades used to disable tanks on the battlefield. The rocket launcher is strapped to the back of the commercially available robot. (See Video

The U.S. Space Force unveiled its first official painting, an artist’s rendering of a “futuristic intercept vehicle” flying toward an enemy satellite. (See Painting

Google Maps disabled live traffic data in Israel and Gaza at the request of the Israeli military, ahead of a potential ground invasion into Gaza. Google says it’s done this before in conflict situations. (More

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➤ This dentist’s breakthrough could stop you from snoring on the first night. (More)    

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Nearly 70% of Americans have little to no trust in the mass media. A Gallup poll shows 39% have no confidence in mainstream news reporting, the highest level on record. (See Poll

Americans overwhelmingly support Israel in its war with Hamas, with more than 80% siding with Israel in a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll. Older respondents were more likely to favor Israel than those under 25, who split almost 50/50. (More

 Nearly two-thirds of New Yorkers blame President Biden for the migrant crisis, and over half agree it will “destroy” NYC, according to a new Siena Poll. Biden’s New York approval ratings are at their worst level ever. (More

Et Cetera

➤ A baby girl was born at the Indianapolis Colts football stadium Sunday when the mom went into labor just as she was entering the Colts-Cleveland Browns game. The new baby is the niece of Browns receiver David Bell. (More)

“West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin fired his agent at the powerful Creative Artists Agency after the agent shared a pro-Palestinian Instagram post. Sorkin has moved to the rival William Morris agency. (More

A man jumped into Disney World’s EPCOT lagoon after making a $6,000 bet with his friends. “You’re gonna get kicked out,” a bystander warned as the man jumped into the lagoon. Disney security was there when he climbed out. (See Video) 

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“It was a lapse of judgment, if you will, (not) a conscious decision to do something wrong.”

Rep. Jamaal Bowman, on being arrested for pulling a fire alarm during House debate.

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