Thursday, September 21st, 2023

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The First Disruption to Smartphones in 15 Years🤳

A Tech Startup With Traction: Turn your phone from a cost to an income source. Intriguing idea, isn’t it? This is why eyes are on the launch of Mode’s Pre-IPO Offering. The latest in a series of impressive raises among smartphone innovators, likely spurred by Apple’s recent $3T valuation.

Mode saw 150x revenue growth from 2019 to 2022, a leap that has made them one of America’s fastest-growing companies. “EarnPhone,” a budget smartphone that’s helped consumers earn & save $150M+ for activities like listening to music, playing games, and … even charging their devices. 

📈 Claim Exclusive 100% Bonus: $0.16/Share* Over 12,000 investors have already acquired shares — get in before the 100% bonus stock offer expires tomorrow. 

Disclosure: Please read the offering circular at This is a paid advertisement for Mode Mobile’s Regulation CF Offering. 


Shohei Ohtani, the two-way star for the Los Angeles Angels, had elbow surgery Tuesday and plans to be available as a hitter by opening day next year. However, he won’t return to the mound to pitch again until 2025. (More

Gymnast Simone Biles clinched a spot on her sixth world championship team, becoming the oldest U.S. woman to compete in the world championships in over 50 years. (See Video

The Tampa Bay Rays have reached a deal to build a new $1.2 billion domed stadium in downtown St. Petersburg, ending speculation that the team might relocate to another city. (More


Trend LineMarket Report   9/20/23

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S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average

Big Stock Move:  Instacart shares gave back the gain from its debut on the Nasdaq Tuesday, dropping almost 11% to $30.10, essentially the price it set initially for its IPO. (More

The Federal Reserve held interest rates steady but indicated it expects to hike rates one more time before the year ends. Rates are expected to stay relatively high through next year. (More

Walmart opened its first-ever pet services center, including veterinary care, inside its store in Dallas, Georgia, about an hour outside Atlanta. The company plans to open more Walmart Pet Centers around the country. (More

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Mode Mobile saw 32,382% revenue growth from 2019 to 2022, a leap that would have landed them #7 on last year’s prestigious Inc. 5000 List, potentially signaling a new era for smartphones. Mode is on a mission to disrupt the entire industry with their “EarnPhone,” a budget smartphone that’s helped consumers earn and save $150M+ for activities like listening to music, playing games, and … even charging their devices!

Ends TOMORROW: Early backers are getting up to 100% bonus stock, and in the first few weeks alone, 12,000+ investors already acquired shares.

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Science & Technology

Genetically modified silkworms have successfully synthesized spider silk, producing fibers six times tougher than Kevlar. Scientists say the technique could be used to mass-produce an alternative to nylon. (More

 Scientists using an “occulter” to block the sun’s brightness from the European Space Agency’s Extreme Ultraviolet Imager has recorded a never-before-seen image of the sun’s faint ultraviolet halo. (See Video

Researchers found evidence of wooden logs cut by stone tools half a million years ago and used to build a structure, transforming their understanding of stone-age people previously believed to be nomadic wanderers. (More

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Americans plan to continue cutting back their spending through the holiday season, a new CNBC poll shows. Over 90% of adults reduced spending over the last six months, and 76% say that will continue through the holidays. (More

➤ A little over half of U.S. adults say they support the striking auto workers, according to a new poll from Morning Consult, which found that 54% of adults supported the strike, with 28% unsure and 18% opposed. (More)

A new Pew Research poll shows that only 4% of U.S. adults feel the political system is working well and just 16% of the public says they trust the federal government. (More

Et Cetera

 The tallest steer in the world lives in Cheshire, Mass., and stands 6-feet-1 inches tall, says the Guinness Book of World Records. The steer eats 30 pounds of food a day, washed down with 35-40 gallons of water. (See Photos

A painting from artist Bob Ross’ first episode of his popular TV show “The Joy of Painting” has sold for more than $9.8 million at auction. (See Painting

➤ Henry Diltz, who accidentally became one of the first rock music photographers, won a lifetime achievement award for his iconic work on more than 250 album covers and in Life Magazine. (See Photos

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Quote I heard a screeching, between a screech and a whistle.” 

— Randolph White, describing the sound of the missing F-15 crashing near him, in an interview gone viral

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