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Closing arguments in the so-called hush money criminal trial of Donald Trump are expected today with the former President’s legal team to deliver their summation first. (More

➤ The Libertarian Party selected former Georgia Senate candidate Chase Oliver as their presidential nominee Sunday, spurning overtures by presidential candidates Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (More)  

UN countries rejected a global pandemic accord sought by the World Health Organization last week after members raised questions about authority and sovereignty. (More

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NASCAR declared driver Christopher Bell the winner of a weather-shortened Coca-Cola 600 late Sunday night after heavy rain and lightning suspended the race at lap 249 of a scheduled 400. (See Recap

➤ Fourteen-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal lost in the tournament’s opening round for the first time in his career, moving his record to 112-4 at the clay-court Grand Slam event. (More)  

The Chicago Sky’s Angel Reese was fouled hard by Connecticut Sun’s Alyssa Thomas over the weekend, sending the WNBA rookie to the floor and earning Thomas an ejection. (See Video 

➤ Yesterday’s results: MLB | NBA | WNBA | NHL | NASCAR


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Major retailers, including Target, Walmart, and Aldi, are cutting prices this summer in a wave of discounts aimed at getting inflation-weary shoppers back into their stores. (See Details)

➤ Elon Musk’s AI startup announced that it raised $6 billion in one of the largest venture capital funding rounds of all time. The company reportedly plans to build a massive new supercomputer. (More)

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Science & Technology

A SpaceX Raptor engine exploded on the McGregor, Texas launch pad last week, prematurely ending the space manufacturer’s test and leaving the structure engulfed in smoke and flames. (See Video)  

➤ Scientists identified a Venus-sized exoplanet 40 lightyears away that they believe contains physical similarities and temperatures to Earth. (See Images)  

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The Rotator
Travel Tuesday

A luxury hotel with one of the world’s highest customer satisfaction ratings—a perfect 10 out of 10—is a yacht on the Scottish waterfront in Edinburgh. (See Photos)

Swimply, an Airbnb-style company that rents out private pool space, is looking to hire a Chief Pools Officer to dive into swimming pools across all 50 states with a compensation package worth $100,000. Editor’s note: That’s only 1/120th of Andersen Cooper’s salary. Feel free to use this metric in your next salary negotiation. (See Details)

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Et Cetera

 London house cleaners discovered a rare 1972 microcomputer, believed to be the oldest surviving desktop computer. It’s valued at $60,000. (See Images)  

A small alligator escaped a petting zoo exhibit at a Missouri middle school last week, eluding officials and raising concern over the reptile’s ability to fend for itself: “Its mouth is taped shut.” (More

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“Never forget what this day is really about. God Bless the heroes who sacrificed their own lives to defend America and our freedom.”

—  Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La, in an X post on Memorial Day

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