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The Senate approved a $95 billion aid package for Ukraine and Israel early Tuesday with the help of 22 GOP votes, but House Speaker Mike Johnson said the House wouldn’t take it up without border control provisions. (More)

Turnout for the special election Tuesday to replace ousted Rep. George Santos was impacted by the worst snowstorm to hit New York in two years. Polls showed a tight race  between the GOP’s Mazi Pilip and Democrat Tom Suozzi. (More)

Donald Trump recommended his daughter-in-law Lara Trump and North Carolina GOP director Michael Whatley to serve as co-chairs of the Republican National Committee. Trump is pushing to replace current GOP chair Ronna McDaniel. (More)

➤ The Supreme Court gave Special Counsel Jack Smith one week to respond to Donald Trump’s emergency request to continue the delay of his Washington D.C. trial. Smith is urging the Court to move faster. (More

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➤ A record 202.4 million individuals watched Sunday’s Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, making the game the most-watched event in television history. (More

 Tiger Woods and TaylorMade Golf announced a new partnership Monday by launching Sun Day Red, a lifestyle brand inspired by Woods’ affinity for wearing red shirts on Sundays. (See Video

 Kansas Jayhawks basketball coach Bill Self drew his first career ejection Monday after arguing with the officiating crew in a 79-50 loss to Texas Tech. It was Kansas’ worst loss since 1950. (See Video

 Officials for the Waste Management Phoenix Open have promised significant changes to the event after drunken and vocal golf fans disrupted tournament play over the weekend. (See Video) 

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S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
JetBlue Airways Corporation
WESCO International, Inc.

➤ Big Stock News: Jet Blue stock climbed 22% Tuesday on news that investor Carl Icahn has taken a 10% stake in the air carrier. (More)

Paramount Global is expected to lay off 800 workers, about 3% of its workforce, as part of the cutbacks promised by CEO Bob Bakish last month. (More

➤ Thousands of Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash drivers in Texas, Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island plan to go on strike today to protest their pay on Valentine’s Day. (More

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Science & Technology

Columbia Sportswear is entering a new world of outer apparel: Space. The company is integrating its thermal insulating fabric, Omni-Heat Infinity, with the Nova-C lunar lander to protect it from the vacuum of space. (More

Amateur paleontologists in France discovered nearly 400 well-preserved fossils believed to be 470 million years old. The fossil site is described as “one of the world’s richest and most diverse” in the world. (More

➤ Speaking of fossils, scientists in Alabama and Kentucky discovered three new species of ancient sharks, including one with “needle-like fangs,” that inhabited shallow seas in the region millions of years ago. (See Photos

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Wisdom Wednesday

A Finnish philosopher says there are three tenets of living that account for Finland’s rank as one of the world’s happiest countries. He says all three need to be incorporated into people’s daily lives. (See Tenets)

A millennial director won an Oscar nomination for a short documentary film about his 94- and 83-year-old grandmothers, who offer their thoughts on how to stay vibrant in old age. (See Their Story)

We couldn’t let Valentine’s Day pass without offering this look at some of the best quotations about love on this day dedicated to romance. (See Quotes)


Et Cetera

A burglar at a Beverly Hills home was recorded by a police drone while attempting to enter a home atop a ladder — only to slip and fall into a pool. Police posted the video on social media and asked for the best comments. (See Video

➤ The scaffolding is finally being removed from the Notre Dame cathedral, revealing a new spire featuring a golden rooster and cross. This is the public’s first look at the restoration process since the April 2019 fire. (See Video

➤ Researchers found the wreckage of a 244-foot merchant ship 600 feet below the surface of Lake Superior, off the coast of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. The ship sank in 1940. (See Video

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“The days we spend feeling joy and the days we spend feeling pain are the same days spent. So I’m going to choose joy.”

Yi Fan Feui, grandmother and new movie star in the award-winning short film, “Nai Nai and Wai Po”

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