Tuesday, May 14, 2024


Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for former President Donald Trump, testified in Trump’s so-called hush money trial Monday, implicating him in plans to kill stories that threatened his 2016 campaign. (More)  

Conservative group One Nation will spend $70 million, double the amount invested last election cycle, on media campaigns aimed at vulnerable Democrats in the key battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. (More)  

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez’s federal corruption trial began with jury selection Monday. The Democrat is accused of accepting bribes of gold and cash in exchange for his political influence. (More)  

➤ Russian President Vladimir Putin unexpectedly removed Sergei Shoigu as Defense Minister, a position he’s had since 2012, in favor of Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, an economist with little military experience. (More) 

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➤ The NFL selected the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens to open the 2024 NFL season on September 5th. It will be a rematch of January’s AFC title game won by the Chiefs, 17-10. (See Full NFL Schedule Here)  

➤ The Connecticut Sun announced Monday that its WNBA home opener against the Indiana Fever, featuring rookie sensation Caitlin Clark, has sold out. It’s the Sun’s first home opener sellout since 2003. (More

NASCAR announced Monday it will introduce a five-race in-season tournament starting in 2025, giving the top 32 drivers a chance to compete for a $1 million prize. (More)  

➤ The Cardinals’ Matt Carpenter snapped his bat in half before making contact with the ball Sunday, leaving the St. Louis DH with the handle in his hands. (See Video

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Trend Line Daily Market Report   05/13/2024

Natl. Assoc. of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
S&P 500
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Per Ounce
Seritage Growth Properties

➤ Big Stock Move: Seritage Growth Properties fell 27% Monday after the company reported a loss for the first quarter. (More

➤ Squarespace, a website-building platform, agreed to a $6.9 billion all-cash deal with private equity firm Permira to go private Monday, ending three turbulent years on the public market. (More)

➤ France secured more than $5 billion in investment pledges from tech giants Microsoft and Amazon last weekend as the country looks to improve its technology industry and infrastructure. (More

➤ Victorinox, maker of the iconic Swiss Army Knife, announced the company will develop a new line of bladeless pocket tools to counter laws prohibiting people from carrying knives. (More)

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Science & Technology

➤ Rhode Island doctors restored a 21-year-old woman’s voice with advanced voice-cloning technology, giving her a synthetic, yet real-sounding, AI voice she can control through her cellphone. (Hear Her Voice)  

A self-proclaimed “aurora hunter” from Finland drove 600 miles to the eastern coast of Sweden and captured a rare display of red Northern Lights. (See Video

 An American Museum of Natural History curator was detained in Istanbul Monday for allegedly attempting to smuggle 1,500 spider and scorpion samples out of Turkey. (More)  

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Travel Tuesday

A new ranking by Historic Hotels Worldwide lists the top 25 hotels featuring the most magnificent gardens, ranging from medieval Irish gardens to Mexican haciendas. (See Photos)

A second-grade teacher who didn’t get her first passport until she was 23 joined the rarified ranks of people who’ve visited all 193 countries in the world after a trip to Syria. (See Her Story)

U.S. airlines are suing to block a new federal rule requiring greater transparency over “hidden fees” they charge passengers. The airlines argue that more information will confuse consumers. (See Travel Tips)

Et Cetera

 A tourist hiking near Volcán de Fuego, an active volcano in Guatemala, captured footage of lightning striking the volcano’s top, illuminating the dark smoke with a brilliant orange hue. (See Video)  

The Skydive Ramblers, an all-women Australian skydiving team, set a new world record for formation skydiving this month by linking into a 24-person formation during free-fall. (See Video)  

A Colorado woman’s attempt to steal a pickup truck— shortly after she was released from jail on a car theft charge—was thwarted by her inability to drive a stick shift, Boulder police say. (More

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“Short sellers may be in for a bumpy and bloody ride in these stocks.” 

—  Ihor Dusaniwsky, managing director of S3 Partners, on short sellers betting against Game Stop and other meme stocks. 

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